We, the teachers and support staff, thank you for allowing us to share with you the privilege of educating your child.  You must surely treat this task as one of the most demanding, yet very rewarding, duties of parenthood.  For our part, we know that what the child learns at school is largely dependent on what the child has learnt and is learning at home.  For this reason we would hope to have as close an association as possible between staff and parents.  This collaboration is essential for education to be effective.
We believe that children learn more readily when accepted by a group that is ready to share and show true kindness to one another, in all – a Christian community.  This is why we work to build a school community consisting of parents, staff, the clergy and the children of the parish.
Because you have chosen to enrol your child at a Catholic school, you must have certain expectations regarding both the religious instruction given and the attitudes and values witnessed in the school community.  Research has shown that the best results occur where home and school are one in attitude and expectations.  Where there is variance between teachings and expectations of home and school, the child tends to reject both standards and adopts an amoral attitude. 
A realistic look at the twenty-first century child reveals that while they have material advantages and comforts enjoyed by no previous generation of children, this can be a disadvantage.  One fears that the deep and lasting values of the Spirit could be treated with indifference by the desire to live comfortably. 

The Christian values of love and reverence of the Creator, concern for the welfare of others rather than demanding service, unselfishness, honesty, the importance of truth, the love of beauty, tenacity of purpose in pursuing high ideals, and the virtue of doing one’s best to achieve a goal, all need to be instilled in both home and school.