Vision for Learning

At St Dympna’s, we are committed to ensuring that teaching and learning with all its associated interactions, remains child-centred and based on Christian values. In fostering the Josephite charism and the spirit of Saint Mary MacKillop, we place great emphasis on the dignity of all in our community. We believe we must be respectful of the rights, feelings and beliefs of others and it is our responsibility to assist everyone in our community to be the best person they possibly can. We recognise that our students learn and develop in many different ways and through right relationships based on tolerance, respect and understanding.

We want our students to understand that learning is a life-long undertaking and that it can take place in many contexts. Within these contexts, we want to encourage the pursuit of excellence through effort and a positive attitude. We encourage appropriate risk taking and emphasise the importance of learning from our experiences, our successes and our mistakes. In working towards this, we will endeavour to create learning environments characterised by trust and acceptance. This will be achieved when all in our community ensure that the rights of others to feel safe and secure are promoted and respected.

We want our students to believe in themselves as people and as learners, to love learning and to recognise that they can be happy, contributing and responsible members of our school community. We believe this is best achieved in an environment that values and celebrates integrity, justice and reconciliation. We want them to realise they are integral parts of living and learning partnerships, supported by their teachers, their family and their peers.


ISQ Research on Year Level Repetition.pdfISQ Research on Year Level Repetition

  “Together we walk in God’s Light.”