​​Learning a second language is like a mental workout for the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain responsible for executive function. It can assist students in developing their working memory, concentration and focus while also developing their cultural awareness, tolerance and empathy of others. 

St Dympna's has offered Japanese as a language program for many years and from 2016 students from Prep to Year 6 learn about Japanese language and culture during weekly 40 minute lessons.  These lessons focus on the Australian Curriculum for Languages, Japanese. Through these lessons, students acquire communication skills in Japanese as well as intercultural capability, and an understanding of the role of language and culture in communication. 

St Dympna's is one of the 44 Brisbane Catholic Education Primary schools offering students the opportunity to learn Japanese. 

Throughout the year families may have the opportunity to host visiting students from Japan at various times.  This valuable experience encourages students to build relationships with people from other cultures whilst using their language skills to communicate. ​​