​Health and Physical Education is one of the learning areas of the Australian Curriculum. A specialist physical education teacher works with all classes for a forty minute lesson each week.  Class teachers deliver the health components of the curriculum during class time.

During the Physical Education lessons the children learn about a variety of different sporting skills with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play in the games that they learn linking with the focus areas that the Australian Curriculum recommend.

In Prep and Year 1 the beginning of the year focuses on Perceptual Motor Skills. These skills builds on fundamental movements that the children need to be able to perform. We continue to develop these skills during the year. In Year 2 we continue to build on the fundamental movements and introduce them to using the skills in games. In Year 3 and Year 4 we look at developing their knowledge about movement through participation in a variety of physical activities and start to introduce more structured sport based skills. Years 5 and 6 sees the children being introduced to a variety of different sports including the interschool sports that are on offer. Year 6 students are also given opportunities to develop their knowldege around the theory attached to the Australian Curriculum.

All students participate in the School Swimming Program with students participating in either Term 1 or Term 4. Our students swim at Zillmere State School.

The school holds Swimming, Cross Country and Athletic Carnivals for the different year levels. We believe that the children gain a great understanding of who they are as a person when they are a part of a team and we like to give all children the opportunity to represent our school. 

Children can be selected for the Zone 6 Catholic Schools Competition in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics where we participate against other local catholic schools. Being part of a school representative team teaches children to work together as a team and to experience the joy of winning and learning how to be a gracious loser.

Children (9 – 12 years) are also chosen to participate at the Bramble Bay Regional Competitions in many different sports. Our school has a great tradition of being successful at these carnivals and a number of children often make Metropolitan North and State Teams.

Students from Years 4 – 6 participate in 2 Gala Day (all day) Sports Competition  with other local catholic schools in Term 2. We develop the skills at a school level and participate in gala days​, with the highlight being the second gala day being competitive. of  The sports on offer are AFL, Netball, Rugby League and Ultimate Disc.

​The school also works with the local sporting clubs to offer after school sport to students. Some of these sports include AFL, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Soccer and Netball.  We also have a tennis coach available for ​weekly tennis lessons for students.


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