Uniform Information

Catholic schools are called to develop a sense of community where all people are treated equally regardless of financial circumstances. A consistent uniform worn by all students and kept to a minimal cost, helps students feel part of the community and enables them to show pride and respect towards their school. A high standard of dress and grooming is essential to reflect the personal standards required of students at St Dympna’s School.


Students are required to wear the full uniform as outlined in the statement each day. The uniform is to be worn and kept neat and clean. All clothing must be labelled with the child’s name. The uniform consists of a standard full uniform and a separate sports uniform. The sports uniform is to be worn two days a week (parents will be notified as to which days for each class at the beginning of each year). Prep students have one uniform.

Uniform Requirements:

Students at St. Dympna’s are encouraged to be consistent in wearing correct uniform. The school believes that, by wearing a standard mode of apparel, worthwhile attributes in the students are promoted. We have a Uniform Shop on school grounds.

Parents are requested to comply with regulations in regard to School Uniform. Where a student does not wear full uniform on a given day, a letter from the parent needs to accompany the student to explain the circumstances. If a child has to change out of uniform at school, a note to the teacher is expected.

Hair and Hair Accessories:

Long hair must be tied up. Hair is to be neat and tidy, and worn off the face. Girls may wear royal blue, white or yellow: ribbons, headbands, clips or scrunchies. Extreme hairstyles are only allowed for special occasions, and only at the Principal’s discretion. Coloured hair spray is approved only for special events.


St Dympna’s broad brimmed, or bucket hat is compulsory for all students. The school has a “no hat, no play” policy.  The school hat should be in good condition at all times.


Small sleepers or studs (gold or silver) may be worn in both ears. No bracelets, necklaces, anklets, coloured studs, etc are allowed.

Nail polish is not to be worn.