​St Dympna's Music Program



St. Dympna's has a very strong tradition in Children's choirs. Our choral program consists of three choirs of which children can join on a voluntary basis. These include the Year Three Choir, the Year Four Choir and the Senior Choir, which is made up of year five and six students.

Our fourth Choir, the Chamber Choir, is a small group of auditioned singers who are committed to taking on more challenging choral music. They must also be members of the Senior Choir.

All Choirs are regular competitors in the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival and are often involved in special occasions and ceremonies throughout the school.


​St. Dympna's has an extensive instrumental program, in which over a third of the student body are involved. Our programs includes tuition in woodwind, brass, percussion, strings and piano from grade two and tuition in guitar from grade three.

All instrumental lessons are in small groups and are conducted during school time on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday.