School Renewal Goals 2014

​Priority 1. Mission and Religious Education

St Dympna’s will live, share and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel in all aspects of school life.

  •  Spiritual formation of staff – Retreat day, Pilgrimage, Josephite Sisters visits
  •  Implementing the Religious Education Curriculum – utilising ICT Resources, Twilight session
  •  Promoting the mission and vision of the school
  •  Promoting the Religious Life of the School – “Buddy” Liturgies, Meditation

Priority 2. Learning and Teaching

St Dympna’s will provide a quality learning and teaching environment to nurture student learning and achievement.

  •  Effectively using data to support learning – Visible Learning, data collection and analysis
  •  Collaborating and reflecting on teaching practice   - Tuesday Tutes, Staff Meetings, Planning
  •  Continuing the implementation of the Australian Curriculum – English, Maths, Science, Geography, History,   The Arts
  •  Implementing whole-school practices – Literacy (THRASS, Literacy Blocks)
  •  Incorporating ICLT into teaching and learning – LIFE, School ICLT Policy, Scope and Sequence of ICLT learning

Priority 3. Professional Practice and Collaborative Relationships

St Dympna’s School community will enhance and develop all professional and collaborative relationships.

  • Aligning teacher goals with school goals and Professional Standards
  • Re-write the school Positive Behaviour Program
  • Continuing professional learning to develop skills to lead change in the learning community
  • Introduce a Leadership Team to support the Administration Team in leading improved teaching and learning 

Priority 4. Strategic Resourcing

St Dympna’s will plan for and provide procedures, practices and resources to ensure quality schooling.

  1. Review teaching and learning programs and processes – teacher reviews and goal setting
  2. Review and re-write role of CST, Resource Centre Co-ordinator, Learning Support Teacher
  3. Review and re-write School Curriculum Plan
  4. Develop Strategic and Financial Plans for ICLT in the school
  5. Review resources and processes to adjust to the changing student clientele with Year 7 moving to Secondary